003: Dr. Uchenna ‘UC’ Ossai | Demystifying Our Pelvic Floor

In this episode, I talk with sex-positive pelvic health physical therapist, sex educator and counselor, Dr. Uchenna 'UC' Ossai. UC demystifies the correlation between pelvic health and sexual health, defining for us what the pelvic floor is, why it is so important to sexual health and functioning, and discusses some common issues men and women can experience. We also learn some background into what ignited the work she is doing in the medical field as well as in her sex education work for grown folks via her platform, YouSeeLogic.
Want to connect with UC's services and content? Visit her website here and follow her on Instagram here to catch the Bourbon Talez and Swagger Tips series. Catch Dr. UC live-streaming as a Pleasure Professional every Tuesday at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern to learn more about pelvic health and sexual health.
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