What is sex-positive parenting?

– By: Melissa Pintor Carnagey, LBSW, CLC –

If you’ve landed in this community and you’re wondering how do the words sex, positive and parenting go together? Don’t worry; we’re here to catch you up to speed. Maybe you’ve grown up in a family that did not utter words about sex, leaving you with feelings of shame or discomfort about the myriad of sexual health topics. Maybe you got “the talk” from your parents, and it left you with more questions and awkwardness than answers, learning your sex lessons via life experience. Or perhaps you did receive sex education growing up and you want to learn how to most effectively pay it forward with your own children. Whatever your sex education journey, we are dedicated to providing the information and support to help you reach the sexual health ed parenting goals you have for your family!

We have a lot to talk about in this work, but first thing’s first-

What is sex-positivity?
Sex-positivity is about embracing sexuality. It understands that sex is a natural part of the human experience. It promotes the importance of consent, pleasure, body positivity, and honest comprehensive sex education. It doesn’t make moral distinctions between sexual orientation, masturbation, or gender identity. Sex-positivity supports tolerance, empowerment and shame-free living.

How does sex-positivity relate to children and families?

Well, what we know to be true is that the sex education system in the US is severely lacking. Laws and practices differ across states and even school districts, leading to inconsistent, incomplete sexual health messages for our children. It’s more important than ever to take matters into our own hands to ensure our children get the support they need. Parents are the number one influencers. Not their peers. Not the media. Parents! As a parent, being armed with the knowledge, the confidence, and the effort toward connecting with our kids, is all we need to be successful in engaging them about their sexual health. The conversations and messages start early. From infancy, when trust and attachment is established, to those curious little talkers, on through to the teen years when they are carving out their independence. There are everyday strategies you can use to support their sexual health. Many of them do not even directly relate to sex. The key thing to remember is that talking and connecting with children is prevention. You want to be the person your child confides in or asks their burning questions to when they need it most? There are real communication strategies that sex-positive parents use to lay the foundation and walk confidently through the path of parenthood, no matter the topic. No taboos. No shame. Just honest, loving support.

Sound awesome?? SPF is just getting started! We are excited to offer you a wealth of services and resources to support your family’s success when it comes to strengthening sexual health discussions with your child that leads to them making informed choices throughout their lifetime.

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