Beyond Boy & Girl: Let’s Talk Gender & Sex-Positive Parenting

-By: Melissa Pintor Carnagey, LBSW, CLC-

I had the great pleasure of chatting with Feminist Consultant and Writer, Cameron Airen, who is the host of the podcast Real Feminist Stories. On her latest episode, we explored the influence of gender within our society and, in particular, within parenting. We dove all the way in! We explored the construct of gender, the differences between sex and gender, and unpacked common parenting practices like gender reveal parties that can contribute to the problematic nature of gender. Check out the episode here:

If you're looking for ways to be more gender-neutral in raising children in your life, take a look at these tips and everyday steps you can incorporate into your family. As you read them, reflect on your upbringing and experiences around gender identity. What role has the gender construct played in your life? Which of these tips are you already practicing? Which feel most important to you? Are there any that are more challenging for you to approach? As always, starting early with these concepts is ideal, but it is never too late to have these conversations and develop new ways of supporting your children's sexual health. If you'd like to chat about your parenting goals or challenges around gender, send us a message. We are happy to work one-on-one with you and your family.