007: Erica Force | Am I Normal?

Along our sexual health journeys we come to moments where we wonder if what we are experiencing is truly 'normal.' With so much taboo and shame within our sex-negative society, it can be difficult to decipher openly. In this special Valentine's week episode, I collaborate with Sex Positive Educator Erica Force (aka Sexuallectual) to answer your "Am I normal?" questions. Followers submitted their curiosities, from multiple orgasms, penis curves to sexual fantasies, and we had a blast answering them and sharing our personal and professional perspectives. This Valentine's week, we hope you do something special to honor your sexual health and celebrate the unique beauty of you.

Want to connect with Erica aka Sexuallectual? Follow her on Instagram here. Check out the classes she teaches at Sexology Institute here. Contact her for one-on-one coaching here.

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