006: Adam Maurer | Myths of Monogamy vs. Modern Monogamy

In this episode, I talk with Adam Maurer, LMFT, LPC. Recently while on Instagram, I came across a post that spoke about the Myths of Monogamy and offered an alternative of Modern Monogamy. I was so intrigued by the points made that I shared it on the SPF Instagram and it very quickly got a lot of engagement from our community. Many folks seemed to connect to or be curious about the comparison of these two constructs. So I thought, we need to get the author of this post onto the podcast. Well that author is Adam, a licensed therapist in private practice in the Austin, Texas area who works a great deal with couples and individuals around relationships, especially folks within the LGBTQ+ community. Adam believes that therapy is a place to explore strengths and challenges with acceptance and an open mind and Adam’s work focuses on empowering clients to thrive in a world that is not always understanding. So this episode explores the myths of monogamy and offers insight into modern monogamy.
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